NYU Prague is one of New York University’s 14 global sites. It was opened in 1998, initially focused on the post-communist transition that the country was going through. The professors and faculty consist of many dissidents who fought and helped overthrow the Czech Communist regime. There are currently 131 students at NYU Prague, all experiencing different things and becoming culturally immersed in the beautiful country.


NYU PragueNow is a student run blog, created with the intention of bridging the gap between the Czech Republic and other NYU global sites, by letting those back home keep tabs on our unique and wonderful adventures. Every semester, a new group of students revives the blog to record their own personal encounters throughout the Czech Republic and Europe. It serves as a how-to guide, a diary, a restaurant handbook, and a travel log.


With 9 current contributors, all coming from different backgrounds and different interests, join us on our semester-long journey and see what it’s like living in Prague!


Check out the official site here.

Prague is a vibrant center of European culture, and the NYU campus is in the center of it. NYU Prague offers students unique opportunities to get involved and experience the culture. 

NYU Prague Now highlights these opportunities, and through student-lead photographs and stories, it documents the exciting activities of students and faculty as they experience NYU, the city of Prague, and the beauty of Europe.


Drop your photos and include your name in the NYU Prague Now Google Drive Folder for the opportunity to have your pictures here!

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