May 2, 2018

When signing up for housing, I watched the NYU videos online about each dorm, and instantly fell in love with Machova, where I was lucky to be placed. However, there is a lot that those videos don’t tell you, so here is the insider scoop:

  1. If you are a loud person, t...

April 24, 2018

Are you planning to study at NYU Prague?  Are you perplexed by the question of which dorm you should apply to live in?  Then you’re in the right place, because we’ve compiled some key information to help you make the choice.

Deciding to study abroad is an exciting...

March 26, 2018

So you’ve been accepted into NYU Prague (congrats!) and now you’re looking at which dorm you should live in. Not sure where to start? Well, that’s where we come in. NYU Prague Now is giving you 10 things NYU doesn’t tell you about each of the dorms.

First up: Osadni.


May 4, 2016

Anywhere you dorm in Prague, you'll enjoy yourself. The neighborhoods are unique and all the buildings are comfortable, so any anxieties about these aspects should be abandoned. The most important part of dorming anyways are the people you meet! Regardless, we've draf...

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