Masoput Overnight Trip

A word from attendee Amanda Morris:

"The first thing we saw on the trip was the Masopust festival featured traditional dancing and costumes, and a lot of the performances told a story. The festival also had good local food and craft vendors and a bunch of us tried homemade Tredlniks, which were even better than the ones in Prague and which came in multiple flavors! Then we went to a local glassblowing factory/shop and we all got to try blowing glass. (The walk over was beautiful). It looked easier than I thought it would be, but blowing the right amount of air is harder than it looks. It was fun to watch what other people created when it was their turn. After that we went out to eat and tried traditional Czech dishes. At night we went to the local highschool for traditional folk theater performances, some of which were funny, and we even participated in local folk dancing! The dancing involved stamping and singing and everyone was in synch. It was fun to follow along and try to learn the dances.

The next morning we went to an Open Air museum that showed what ancient Bohemian settlements looked like and which is around the site of an ancient town. It was really fun to climb the watchtower and the view from the top was gorgeous! The other fun part of that was the goats, which were very friendly and cuddly. I enjoyed the animals and enjoyed getting a feel for Czech history. Next we went to a beautiful old Czech church that I think was maybe even prettier than the church in Prague Castle. Lastly we went to a ranch-style restaurant for lunch and I loved it! It was a really fun lunch and we all played icebreaker games during lunch and got to know everyone better.

I had a lot of fun on the trip and feel like I really bonded with my R.A. Betty more. I really like Betty and hanging out with both her and the other adults was fun :) My favorite part of the trip was participating in the folk dancing. I even got to participate in some dancing at the outdoor festival, and danced with some locals at the high school dance. It was a fun participatory way to become more integrated in Czech culture.

I learned how to do some traditional folk dancing and brushed up my polka and waltz skills on this trip :) I also learned about and tasted new and different Czech cuisine such as special Czech sausage. I learned about the tradition of the Masopust festival, and I learned about the Bohemian past of the Czech Republic.

All my best,

Amanda Morris

pictures taken by NYU Prague student Amanda Morris

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