Check Out the Cat Cafe Right Meow

Imagine a place where you can get cheap, but delicious, wine while petting five cats. Is this heaven you ask? No, dear reader, but it is pretty close.

Behold: Kockafe Freya, a family-run cat cafe in Prague 3 which opened less than two years ago. It is located at Bořivojova 43, which is about a 15 minute walk from NYU’s Slezska dorm in Vinohrady.

Unlike similar cat cafes in New York, Kockafe Freya has no time limit for interacting with the felines, so I took my time trying to get all the cats to love me the best. All the cats are rescue cats and you can adopt them straight from the cafe, but there is no pressure. And you can feel better about spending hours talking to cats because it’s for a good cause.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting; the cat-themed decor is how I imagine a trendy crazy cat lady would set up her living room. There are many toys available to entertain the cats with, although in typical cat fashion, many of them preferred to sleep while patrons pet them.

When awake, the cats are very friendly. But they do not hesitate to attempt to slurp from drinks, so at the risk of sounding like a parent warning their child before going out to the bar for their 21st birthday, always watch your drink.

The menu at Kockafe Freya offers a multitude of reasonably priced drinks, from alcoholic drinks like wine and beer to the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Also unlike many other cat cafes, there is no fee to enter and play with the cats. To compare, when I went to Crumbs & Whiskers, a cat cafe in Washington, DC, I paid $15 for a 75 minute session, and that didn’t include food or drinks.

At Kockafe Freya, you simply pay for your drink. If you want, you can also donate money and help pay for the adorable cats’ food and vet bills.

The cat cafe is open daily from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. (or 11 until 20 if you have decided to fully embrace European time).

Dancing, drinking, or binging on Netflix are some of the go-to stress relief methods for many college students. But if you’re looking for an alternative when midterms roll around, I would highly recommend visiting Kockafe Freya while in Prague. Petting cats and drinking tea (or wine) in a cat-themed mug is a healthier and more satisfying de-stressing option.

Pictures taken by NYU Prague students Emily Bertha and Gabby Brooks

#cats #praguelife

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