6 Things to do in Prague on a Warm Day

Unfortunately, Prague is not known for its good weather. Whether you’re here for the fall or spring semester, you’ll probably only have a month or so where you can actually stand being outside. But when the weather finally does warm up, be sure to make the most of it, because Prague is truly magical in the spring and summer seasons.

1. Parks

Prague has tons of parks worth checking out. Act like a local and pick up some snacks at a potraviny and have a picnic with some friends. Havlíčkovy sady near Machová offers amazing views of the city and has a really nice restaurant in the park that’s worth trying. Riegrovy sady near Sleszká is another good park to visit. Located close to the Vinohrady and Žižkov districts, there are tons of good cafes, restaurants, and bars to try out after spending hours lounging in the sun.

My personal favorite is Letenské sady -- which is typically called Letná by the locals. Hike the steps up to the Metronome and you’ll find tons of people playing music, skating, and having picnics. Plus, the views from Letná are unbeatable.

2. Beer gardens

Since you’re in Prague, after all, most parks have beer gardens in them, or at least booths where you can buy a beer. Riegrovy sady has the biggest beer garden in Prague. With a giant TV screen and multiple booths offering food and different kinds of beer, it’s the perfect place to sit for a few hours and watch a soccer game. Letná also has a really great beer garden. Located on the edge of a steep heel, you can spend hours looking down and admiring how beautiful Prague is. There are also tons of beer gardens scattered throughout the city, especially along the Vltava.

3. Paddle Boating

If you want to try something more active, paddle boats are a good way to get moving and to get a new view of Prague. There are tons of rental places along the Vltava that offer various options and price ranges, but none of them are too expensive. Most prices I found range from 100-200 crowns for an hour, and you can split the boat with a few friends for a true bonding experience.

4. Outdoor Cafes

Many cafes and restaurants in Prague offer outdoor seating. Check out Taste of Prague's list for some of the best places to try. I’m partial to Monolok and Mamacoffee in Vinohrady, which both have good coffee and good vibes -- the two most important things in life.

5. Go for a Walk

There was one point where it snowed and a week later it was a perfect 65 degrees. I had to take advantage of the weather, so I went on a long walk throughout the city. I started at Old Town Square, walked to Wenceslas Square, then down Národní to most Legií, where I headed down the stairs onto the small island of Střelecký ostrov. Finally, I went to ostrov Kampa where I looked at some of David Cerny’s statues and ended the day at the beer garden at the Kampa museum.

Wherever you end up going, it’s definitely worth just wandering out, getting lost, and seeing what you end up finding.

6. Farmer's Markets

I still haven’t tested them out, but Prague has several farmer’s markets year-round. Spend a nice, warm Saturday at a local farmer’s market, picking out fresh fruits and vegetables to really take in the summery vibes. The farmer’s market at Jiřího z Poděbrad square (a few blocks away from Sleszká) is one of the biggest ones in the city. I’ve also heard good things about Náplavka, which also has live music and food trucks -- think of Smorgasburg of Prague.

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