Pros and Cons of NYU Prague's Dorms

Anywhere you dorm in Prague, you'll enjoy yourself. The neighborhoods are unique and all the buildings are comfortable, so any anxieties about these aspects should be abandoned. The most important part of dorming anyways are the people you meet! Regardless, we've drafted a bit of a guide here on the pros and cons of the dorms, from a reliable, student perspective so you know we've got nothing to hide.


The location is amazing. It’s only a block away from the Jiřího z Poděbrad station and it’s only about a 15 minute commute by metro to the NYU Prague campus. Located in the Vinohrady district (who doesn’t want to live in a district with “wine” in the name?) and a close walk to Žižkov district, the area has tons of restaurants, cafes, and bars that are some of the best in Prague. Slezska is just a few blocks from Riegrovy Sady, a huge park that also has the biggest beer garden in Prague, and is perfect for lounging and studying when the weather is nice. It is a residential area so aside from some children's’ laughter, it is quiet overall which is ideal for studying.

The only real con is the communal kitchen -- there are three kitchens for 35 students. Although cleaning services come each week, the kitchens still get pretty dirty. Another possible con is the fact that since it is the smallest dorm, everyone mostly knows each other. This can be great for creating a sense of community, but possibly negative if you are not the type of person who thrives in a small community.



  • lots of restaurants and grocery stores nearby

  • centrally located and close to "what's happenin'"

  • only a 15 minute metro ride

  • each suite has a kitchen, with a big fridge that stores lots of food!

  • plenty of storage in the bedrooms

  • cleaning services three times a week


  • wifi goes down a lot

  • lighting is weak

  • the building is old so the walls are thin, and thus noisy

  • the laundry machines work poorly and a completed load can take up to four hours


Osadni Quad

The largest of the NYU Prague dorms, and is often filled with music and film students because of its amazing music practice rooms, studio, and its proximity to FAMU’s campus. Osadni rooms are super spacious and separate the bedroom from the couch/table/kitchen room, all covered in wooden floors. I always joke that I’ll never have an NYC apartment as nice as my room in Osadni. The groupings vary from doubles, triples, quads, and six-person set ups; plus, there's a cleaning service in every room three times a week. Right across the courtyard is a little cafe that serves food, coffee, and wine, and has comfortable seating that I've spent hours of my time in.

Cons: the commute; but it’s really not that bad. Though a short walk from the tram stop, most Osquadniers take 2 trams to get to campus, or one tram and walk from Wenceslas Square. I leave about 30-40 minutes before I need to be in Prague 1, but it doesn’t take that long. The trams in Prague can actually be a pleasant experience, and I don’t mind looking out the window at the city for a while! It's about the same as a regular commute from an NYU dorm to campus on WSP.

Another con: my wifi (especially on my phone) doesn't work in my room a lot.

I would argue Prague 7 has less activities to offer than Prague 1 or Prague 3, but it is considerably cheaper and has an abundance of art galleries, museums, local Czech restaurants and bars, Asian cuisines, a flea market nearby.

Comment below if you agree, disagree, have more to add, or just want to rep your dorm!

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