Singing the Night Away

The first official event hosted by Student Council Fall 2016 was a Karaoke Welcome Party

on September 20, 2016. Once students walked downstairs, they were greeted with an intimate

setting of lounging areas, couches, a bar for refreshments, a dance floor, a stage floor for singing,

and a foosball table. The event was hosted at the Friends Club on Bartolomějská street, as the

name implies, the club had an extremely friendly vibe where students were greeted with drinks

and a selection of appetizers such as vegetable platters and watermelon. To kick off the party the

Secretary of Student Government sung “Killing Me Softly” by The Fugees which got everyone

in the mood to sing. After that, a flood of request from students came in for karaoke. The night

was filled with countless crowd favorites such as “Hollaback Girl”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”

(which was sung twice), “Super Bass,” “Just Give Me a Reason,” and “Chandelier.” The

enthusiasm of the crowd could not be contained to just listen to the performers that everyone

began to belt out the lyrics. On the dance floor NYU students and RAs busted out their best

dance moves and formed dance circles for everyone to be in the spotlight. NYU really brought

out their inner Bey with her songs such as “7/11”, “Countdown,” “Partition” and “Drunk in

Love,” “Single Ladies” just to name a few. There was also a few Czech songs sung by some of

the RAs who even made this night all the more fun. When the unofficial anthem of New York

came on, “Empire State of Mind” the entire room sang louder than ever especially the chorus,

“In New York …” In that moment we weren’t in Prague but transported to New York, the home

campus of most, where dreams are made of. To best describe this night in two yet simple

words would be, fun and carefree. The stress of classes, homesickness, and challenges of

communicating in Czech all disappeared and in that time everyone was untroubled. Each person

danced and sung how they wanted and there was no worry of how would one be perceived but

more like how can I express myself? What would make me happy to sing with my friends or

what crazy dance move can I come up with? Even though the event was scheduled to end at

10pm there was those who were party animals and stayed until 1am singing and dancing the

night away. Although the semester has just begun that night in Friends Club, is already one of

my most favorite memories since being here is Praha. It was not just Student Government that

made it possible but all of those who attended who made the environment as awesome as it was,

so thank you. Student Government is planning to have more parties just as lively and energetic as

this one so come out and join us in our next party!

#karaoke #studentcouncil

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