Pros/Cons of NYU Prague's Dorms

By Catherina Li


Photo by Catherina Li Osadni Quad


  • It’s incredibly spacious and clean and nice.

  • Every apartment gets their very own kitchen!!! (Take that Mach and Slez). Most rooms have ovens, and most people are willing to share theirs if one room doesn’t have one.

  • It is the most homey out of all the three including:

-a ping pong table

-huge study room

-multiple couches

-giant flat screen TV on the fourth floor

-the coolest little sun room to get some alone time or a little yoga sesh.

  • A musical basement that smells kinda weird but includes:

-3 pianos

-2 drum sets

-a few guitars

-really nice mics for chill jam sessions

  • People that live in Osadni end up actually being really close, since you’re so secluded form everyone and everywhere else you become your own squad, or your own O“squad”ni.

  • Cleaning service around 2 times a week that cleans your bathroom and your kitchen and honestly it’s so great.


  • It’s the farthest dorm from campus. (Around 35 mins)

  • The gym is also a good 10 minute walk (doesn’t sound like much, but once that cold weather creeps in, it’s really hard trying to motivate yourself to walk 10 minutes in the cold in order to exercise ever more.)

  • The wifi goes out all the damn time and it’s pretty annoying



  • In terms of location and number of kitchens and room size, probably the best out of all three.

  • 15 minutes from campus

  • kitchen on every floor

  • close to Slezska

  • Cleaning service around 2 times a week


  • Walls are kind of thin

  • You have to share your bathroom with the floor.

  • Small study area on top floor

  • Rooms are probably the smallest out of all three dorms


Photo by Jack Xu View from a Slezska Quad


  • 15 minutes to campus

  • Cleaning service around 2 times a week

  • Close to Machova

  • Rooms are not tiny, but not spacious


  • Only 3 kitchens for the entire dorm

  • Most people use the top floor kitchen

  • Hell if you live on the 4th floor (people start cooking at 3 am and blast their own playlists)

  • Not really a designated study room or area

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