Walking on Water.

Eighteen: The number of bridges crossing Praha’s Vltava river. That being said, Eighteen: the minimum amount of pictures that should be taken during a visit to Prague.

Seems a bit excessive or over the top to take so many pictures overlooking the same river, or as millennials might say, “that’s extra!” However, I strongly suggest taking a picture on each bridge, not so much for the river, instead, for the cityscape. Coming from New York City, I think that I am fairly qualified to say what is or is not a gorgeous cityscape! Okay, maybe that was a bit pretentious but still, gazing upon either side of the river will reveal one of the most spectacular views I have ever seen.

Strolling along the Vltava on the side of Prague 1, has become one of my favorite activities mainly because of the juxtaposition between the Prague Castle and the buildings lining the city center and water edge. As you walk along the river side, you are presented with a series of bridges. each offering a different perspective on the same subject. That is most captivating to me.

Thick greenery showers one side of the river allowing you to see only what lies on the river edge. However, the castle is what never fails to astonish me. Each bridge shows different views of the castle that are guaranteed to take your breath away anytime. I am not sure if I prefer when the castle teases us with a peek of its royal towers through the thick trees, as if mocking us for not being worthy of its eminence. Maybe, I prefer the bridges that give us a clear view of the colossal castle as if portraying its grandness and dominance over the lands. Maybe, it is the humble image from the bridges that show not too much, but not too little of the castle, giving you a balanced view of different Prague districts reminding you that Prague is made up of so many intricate parts working together to establish harmony.

Yet, despite such a spectacular and eye opening view, the view is not solely what the river’s edge and numerous bridges offer. Especially along the famous Charles Bridge, the statues and sculptures alone are jaw-dropping. Discoloration from the elements lack the ability to dampen the value of such intricate designs. Scrutinizing the various statues remind me of a time where the general population took pride in their work. Each masterpiece has a value and even without knowing the story behind each piece, you can definitely feel the story within your core.

While most, if not all of the statues and sculptures are of religious ties, it is possible to be secular to appreciate them. It is necessary to appreciate the beauty of each piece, the time put into making each piece, and the role of each piece making Praha one of the most alluring cities in the world. I have discovered that the most beautiful statues are on the bridges along the Vltava, and while this is just a matter of opinion, I am sure that many would agree.

Despite many alley ways and cobble stoned streets making Praha an elegant city, you may just find that walking each bridge is more pleasant, offering you extensive perspectives of the city. You may find that walking along the river’s either edge offers you a new insight on the Czech people, on the Czech country, and more importantly, on your Prague experience. Candidly, walking along the water has been one of my favorite experiences in this city, allowing me to daydream and almost feel as royal as the castles or those who once inhabited them.

Besides, who doesn’t want to catch a breeze walking on water?

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