Vegan Restaurant Guide Prague

Before coming to Prague, I had many people ask me, “Are you still going to be vegan in Prague?” and “What will you eat? All they eat in Eastern Europe is meat and cheese!”

I made a vow to myself to try my best to keep my veganism intact while abroad, but I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t interfere negatively with my health. Luckily for me, I found out very quickly that being vegan in Prague is no issue at all. Most restaurants offer a list of allergens, and on top of that, Prague has some of the best vegan restaurants and cafes I have ever been to in my entire life. Below are some that you should definitely check out:

Creme De La Creme

This adorable gelato place offers a wide variety of flavors, including tons of vegan options! Their vegan options are chocolate, pistachio, walnut, coconut, salty peanut, caramel, and chai-latte. I had the salty peanut and it tasted exactly like a Reese’s cup. It was so delicious and creamy. If you’re indecisive, don’t worry, you can get 2 flavors even in a small cup (my personal favorite is half chocolate, half salty peanut) A small is about 35 czk in a cup (compared to New York’s vegan ice cream which could run you up to $6 for a small). The cafe has more than just gelato: you can also get delicious crepes and sandwiches.

The best part? it is less than a 3 minute walk away from NYU’s campus. It also offers a quiet study space in the back, with free-Wi-Fi too.

Country Life Melantrichova

Right next to campus, Country Life offers the perfect lunch setup. Country Life offers a wide range of food: from hot food like cooked vegetables in curry sauce to dairy-free pizza, to burritos and sushi. It also offers a salad bar and daily soup specials. It is like a cafeteria, where you can grab whatever you want on a plate, and they total the price at the end. On average, I have yet to pay more than 120 czk (~$6) for even a giant plate. I would definitely recommend coming here, especially if you want something quick and filling in-between classes!


Located in Prague 1, Estrella is a vegetarian restaurant with many different vegan options as well. It has a cute setup and a unique selection of food. They serve food ranging from risotto to curry and to portobello burgers to ramen. This restaurant is perfect if you’re looking to eat at a nicer restaurant. Entrees range from 125 czk and up. Estrella also offers a daily menu with rotating items such as beetroot burger and Spanish paella.

Mesy Thai Restaurant

This restaurant, located right next to Namesti-Miru, is the perfect location if you’re craving Thai food. They offer a plethora of vegan/vegetarian options (curry, rice, veggie dishes), including some of the best tofu pad-thai I have ever had. They have a really cute yet seemingly small upstairs seating area. Downstairs of the restaurant, however, is filled with decorations and lots of tables. Prices here are incredibly reasonable for the portion size, and the ambiance is very calming in the restaurant.

*Tip: Their takeout portions are much bigger, so enjoy the delicious Thai food in your bed, watching the latest episode of Black Mirror or binging Broad City.

Loving Hut

Also located near Namesti Miru, there is an ALL-vegan restaurant. You won’t have to worry about eating something by mistake due to a language barrier here. They have spring rolls, sushi, soups, salads, noodles, curry, burgers, and even cake!! A unique thing offered here is they offer traditional Czech schnitzel (vegan of course). Price point is about average for a meal here, and the restaurant has an adorable, quaint setup.


Moment is an all-vegan cafe, perfect for Sleska residents (it’s basically attached to the dorm room). They have every vegan food option imaginable: for breakfast, Moment serves pancakes, waffles, tofu scramble, omelettes, and bagels; Their lunch and dinner menu includes different kinds of veggie burgers, hot dogs, wraps, and sandwiches. Everything at Moment is relatively cheap, and their desserts are amazing too. Definitely one of my favorite vegan places in Prague! I recommend checking it out at least once before leaving Prague!

Vegan’s Restaurant Prague

Based on the name, you can assume everything in this restaurant is vegan. The setup of the restaurant is beautiful: The interior is made mostly from wood, and the tables are littered with flowers. There is also an outdoor patio with a gorgeous view for the warmer months as well. Their food is incredibly fresh, and it offers a selection of traditional Czech foods, international food, burgers, dessert, and salads. Most entrees here start at 200 czk and go up from there. Considered to be one of the best vegan restaurants in Prague, and situated right outside of Prague Castle, definitely worth checking out, especially after a long day of being a tourist.

Den Noc

Situated in Old Town, Den Noc is famous for their pancakes. They serve both savory and sweet pancakes, but you have to ask them to make the pancakes vegan. It is great place to grab coffee and a small stack of pancakes. Price point: pancakes range from 100 czk to 250 czk.

Be warned: it tends to get very crowded on weekends during the morning.

*This café is only open until 3pm.


Etnosvet’s claim to fame is their very international menu. Even their slogan is “Get to know the world of taste without boundaries!” It is located right off of the I.P Pavlova stop in Prague 2. They offer both vegan and vegetarian options. Etnosvet also does takeout, if you’re in a hurry. They offer a selection of unique food items such as vegan tartares, fried spring rolls, mushroom pate, truffle risotto, fried sushi, and sweet and sour tofu. This place is a little bit on the pricey side, with entrees ranging from 250 Czk and up. The best part about Etnosvet is their dessert selections. They have mango chocolate mousse, avocado crème brûlée, lemon cheesecake, and chocolate fondant. If you’re looking for a nice vegan place to eat, Etnosvet is perfect for you.

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