10 Things They Don't Tell You About Osadni

So you’ve been accepted into NYU Prague (congrats!) and now you’re looking at which dorm you should live in. Not sure where to start? Well, that’s where we come in. NYU Prague Now is giving you 10 things NYU doesn’t tell you about each of the dorms.

First up: Osadni.

I’ve been living in Osadni for two months now, and it is so much more than what I thought it would be. Going into this semester, I just knew I would be living in a dorm with a lot of music students, I’d be far from campus, and my WiFi would go down often (spoiler alert: it definitely does). If you want the basic rundown of Osadni’s location and amenities, be sure to check out the official NYU Prague website. For an inside look, though, keep reading.

1. The commute into Prague 1 isn’t bad at all. The trams are consistently on time, and the ride to campus is a nice way to relax and listen to some music or study before class. (P.S.: The 6 and 17 trams will become your new best friends. Trust me.)

2. But, you’ll Uber to class at least once a semester. You’ll hit the snooze button one too many times, and all of a sudden, it’s 20 minutes before class starts and the trams won’t get you there in time. Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us.

3. Getting out of Prague from Osadni is actually really easy. An Uber takes less than 30 minutes to get to the airport, and the Florenc bus station is just two metro stops away. Don’t be afraid to take the cheap early-morning flights or late-night buses.

4. Laundry is an Event. (Yes, it deserves the emphasis.) Come prepared with lots of coins, lots of time, and lots of homework to finish up while you wait. A wash cycle lasting 90 minutes can turn into nearly three hours in a snap, so check your machines often.

5. The fourth floor lounge area is amazing, and is an underrated space at Osadni. Printing upstairs is free and super easy, and the lounge has been home to many an Osadni movie night. Take some homework upstairs and go out into the sun room to read and watch the sun as it sets. You’ll get a great Instagram picture, and you might just enjoy all that reading.

6. Fair warning: it’s super easy to blow a fuse in your dorm. My roommates and I once blew two fuses in under 12 hours, so don’t freak out the first time it happens to you.

7. That being said, it’s also really easy to get any problems taken care of quickly. The maintenance staff is on top of their business and check work requests every morning, and for emergencies, the RA’s can help you get what you need, and fast. (Just for reference, both of those fuses we blew were fixed in under 10 minutes, so shout out the the RAs for helping us out!)

8. There is always someone playing music in the practice rooms, and you will always hear it loud and clear. What did you expect from the music dorm?

9. It can get a little warm in the dorms, but if you open your window, your entire room will be freezing in minutes. Beware.

10. The cleaning staff comes around three times a week, and they are a blessing. You’re responsible for your bedrooms and dishes, but they take care of the kitchens and bathrooms. Be sure to thank them when they come by!

If you ask me, Osadni is the best dorm out of the three at NYU Prague (but I might be a little biased). Sure, we’re a little out of the way from campus, but we’re in a great area with some fun and cheap restaurants and entertainment all around us.

Look out for our next installments talking all about Machova and Slezska!

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