Review: Alvvays at Rock Café Praha

Sold out, intimate basement-y Rock Café Praha felt like it couldn’t handle the adoring screams as soon as Molly Rankin, the bleach-blonde dreamy 5-foot-nothing vocalist stepped on stage. She was quickly followed by her equally indie, equally cool bandmates. After a few comments expressing their excitement that people actually showed up for their concert in Prague, the Canadian indie pop group opened with “Hey” from their latest album Antisocialites released last September.

On “Dreams Tonite,” a crowd favorite as it was one of the singles released from the album, Rankin laments on a failed relationship: “Who builds a fire just to let it go out.” The show took a turn when the lights turned from a florescent rainbow of color to blue as keyboardist Kerri MacLellan played the quiet longing melody of “Forget About Life.” The adoring screams had subsided at this point, Rankin’s incredible velvet voice crooned through the eager tale of innocent love until she let out a “hey!” and it was back to the movin’ and groovin’ of their classic indie pop sound.

Later came their most popular pleading take-it-as-it-is, seriously-this-is-just-a-cute-love-song, sing-along pop beat “Archie, Marry Me.” The audience swooned. Someone in the crowd yelled out, “Marry me, Molly!”, to which she replied, probably sick of hearing this, “No thanks, sorry.” Seeing as Alvvays has sold out venues five times the size of Rock Cafe Praha, this show was an especially lovely setting to see this commanding powerhouse of a group. Seeing Alvvays live gives you the same feeling of seeing an elderly couple walk down the beach holding hands, a whole lot of sweetness and a general good mood.

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