Sophie's Taste: Marthy's Kitchen

Marthy’s Kitchen is known among Machova residents for its brunch menu and their pastries. Today’s spotlight, however, is on Marthy’s homemade pure beef burger.

Marthy’s Kitchen:

Address: Francouzská 13, Praha 2

Královské Vinohrady, 120 00


Mon-Fri: 8am-10pm

Sat-Sun: 9am-10pm

How it all began:

It was 8pm on a Wednesday. I was back in my room in Machova and have been craving a good burger all day. I pulled up my Foursquare and began my search: Near Machova. Less than 200 czk. Fries included with the burger.

After good 10 minutes on my search, Marthy’ Kitchen was the final winner:


Marthy’s Kitchen has a very homey vibe. The owner with his partner aimed for a cozy interior that adds a touch of a casual style of French countryside (cite from website). You are greeted by selection of pastries in the front. Even in the seating area, I like how it feels like you are in the countryside with a basket on top of a wooden chair.


I started off with a Rose Lemonade, recommended by the server. There was a very subtle taste of rose and the rest felt like a lemon soda.

Then came the burger. My philosophy of a good burger includes how good the fries are (because burgers and fries are a PACKAGE deal. One does not get a burger without fries okay?!). I liked how the buns were slightly toasted, adding a bit of crunch and the sesame seeds added more flavor to the buns themselves. The sauces didn’t feel too heavy and I liked how fresh the vegetables felt. There was a good balance of lightness from the vegetables and the heaviness from the meat and the sauce.

The fries were cut Julienne (thin strips) and it was a good amount of crispy and a slight sogginess (in a good way). They were seasoned really well and came with a side of mayo. YES MAYO.

I loved how they gave a good bowl of fries too (portion was good).

After putting down my camera, I satisfied my burger craving.

As always, my policy is No Food Left Behind! (especially the fries!!)

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