An RA posted on Facebook about a bobsleighing event and on a whim I decided to sign up despite having no clue what I just signed up for. I had a general idea of what bobsleighing would be, but I really wasn’t sure because my mind instantly went to the winter sport and considering how hot it had been in Prague I didn’t think that is what we would be doing. We ended up going to Bobová Dráha Prosek in Prague 9. The course itself was surrounded by tons of trees and lush green grass which made for a gorgeous course. The course itself is 800 meters long and you have the option of going on the bobsleigh solo or with one other person. The bobsleigh was on a track and the only control you had was a lever to either brake or speed up. In total each person got to go on the course 7 times. The first one or two rounds I was a bit hesitant about going fast because I genuinely thought I would just fly off if I went too fast. However, I quickly realized that wouldn’t happen and the faster I went, the more fun the run. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up, but I am really glad I decided to go. It made for a super fun Monday night and it wasn’t an activity I would have ever thought of doing myself. If you are looking for something different and fun to do I would recommend giving this place a visit. Each run is only about $3 and there is a rope course there too if that is something of interest. There is also a restaurant there so you can eat before, in between, or after runs.

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