Sophie's Taste: Monolok Café

One important life lesson I learned in college was to appreciate good coffee. Thanks to New York with its countless coffeeshops, my standards were pretty high (going to Italy did not help lowering this standard). I only turned to instant coffee for my allnighters (desperate times call for desperate measures my friends) and Starbucks was not an option when meeting up with friends for a coffee date. Here in Prague, I advise you to do the same! No more coffee runs to Starbucks!! There are so many good local cafes in Prague that we must not waste our stomachs to basic coffee. In my search for good coffee, I stumbled upon Monolok.

Check out this video for a sneak peek of the cafe: Cafe Monolok



Moravská 1540/18, 120 00 Praha 2


Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9am-7pm

Monolok feels like a modern art museum, giving off a hipster vibe. This cafe gives you an escape from the mainstream society through not only the unique interior but also through their selection of music, as they play a lot of old classics. I’m currently writing this article at Monolok right now with Beatles music in the background.

Warning: The place does get busy so do expect a bit of a wait!


Their cakes are homemade and the selections vary from time to time.

Poppyseed cake

At the time I went, they had a cake made from poppyseed, a popular baking ingredient in Central Europe. Upon the barista’s recommendation I decided to try it. It was one of those cakes that you gradually can’t stop eating. At first bite, I thought, “Huh? What is this unique flavor?” and upon my curiosity I took another bite, then another and another...until I wiped the plate clean (oops). My favorite part about this cake was the complementing textures. The combination of the dryness from the bread and the smoothness from the cream keeps the fork in your hand.

Mango & Blueberry cheesecake:

As I was sitting at the cafe writing this post, the barista informed me that they had just made some cheesecake (how did he know my weakness against freshly baked goods??). Without any hesitancy I asked for one. It was the best decision I made today (aside from coming to Monolok of course). I’m not a big fan of cheesecake but this one was so good! The lady sitting at the table next to me also got one and we bonded over how good it was. The cheesecake was layered with crumbs/cake, cream, mango jelly, and blueberries. The tanginess from the mango with a sweet touch of blueberries, along with a fresh rich flavor from the cream, and the crispiness of the crumbs...mmm it was like a symphony of flavors.


Aeropress. Enough said.




Just kidding. But seriously. AEROPRESS. The lady sitting next to me said that she comes to Monolok often just for the aeropress (approval from a local!!). When making the coffee, the barista joked that he becomes the “human espresso machine.” It does take some time but it is worth the wait! It goes really well with their homemade cakes!


This cafe is climbing up to be my favorite cafe in Prague. It is a great cafe to do work, soak in good vibes, and to treat yourself to good coffee and cakes. (not pictured: a table with an empty cup and an empty plate)

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