Brunch Options near Osadní

This is mainly directed at those who are considering coming to NYU Prague, I guess. After all, it’s October - most Osadní kids who are fans of coffee, cake, brunch or all of the above will probably have visited at least one of these places at one point. If not, and Silencio is closed, and you need a coffee, then I’m glad I helped.

The area where Osadní is located is very residential, to say the least. This is something that you definitely appreciate directly after pushing through crowds of swarming tourists in the old town on your way home from campus.

It is also something that you decidedly do not appreciate when it’s 10 am on a Sunday, all the shops are closed, you ran out of coffee and groceries, and you want something other to eat than Burrito Loco.

Or, scratch that, if you just want to have something good for brunch.

The three places I’m going to mention are all a (less than) ten minute walk from Osadní, and were recommended by students from previous semesters, so this is a big shoutout to them.

First up is VNITROBLOCK. This is the best spot if you want to study by yourself or catch up with friends. The interior is huge, and there are lots of tables so only once have I not been able to find a table (Thursday night seems to be most popular, so it might be best to avoid that).

I made the mistake of trying to get brunch here once – turns out they only serve food starting at noon, but they usually have a small selection of cakes even if they don’t have your typical brunch. Their coffee is amazing, but what really stands out here is the sheer atmosphere of the place. Very hipster, the kind of place where I felt decidedly uncomfortable the first time I went – not because of any judgement, but because it’s just that kind of place.

Not to self, sweatpants acceptable for a potraviny run – not acceptable for a trip to VNITROBLOCK.

Another thing to know about this place is that it’s insanely cool. They really have the works: a sneaker store inside, an exposed brick wall, even sometimes a stall inside the entrance where you can buy fried ice cream, all inside a revamped industrial-style building.

There’s also a yellow school bus in the courtyard selling street food. There are a couple different types of burger, and also beer.

Pro tip: they sometimes run out of beer so it’s better to go early.

My other favourite place in the area is Home Kitchen - a chain with a weekend brunch menu that can be found around Prague, and, luckily there is one walking distance from Osadni. This is somewhere that I maybe wouldn’t go on an everyday basis, but that certainly hits the spot for a casual, convenient brunch. Perhaps not the cheapest option, but certainly a solid choice in an area with limited brunch spots.

These two places - along with Barry Higgel’s Coffeehouse, which serves great coffee very close to Osadní, but has limited seating - are where I would recommend going for a coffee and cake or a weekend brunch. While their styles differ vastly, one thing they all have in common is great ambience, great service and amazing coffee.

Of course, I’m always happy to hear about new places, because who doesn’t? Do me a favour and pass on those great new spots.

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