Dig into these Podcast Episodes about Central and Eastern Europe

Central and Eastern Europe are often a mystery to the West. That in part is due to the Iron Curtain, which partially obscured countries' art, music, literature, and politics. A fun way to learn more about these places and their histories is through these fun podcasts. Take a listen!

Bohemican Podcast

Hosts: Pete Collman and Travis Dow

Release: Weekly

The Bohemican Podcast takes a look at the history, culture, traditions, and people of the Czech Republic from the eyes of two American expats. Collman and Dow cover everything from history, politics, theater, and to events happening in their everyday lives.

Feeling in the Christmas mood yet? Join Pete and his children as they wait for the Christmas carp and try to avoid the golden pig in their latest Christmas episode! The co-hosts will also take you on a journey through the Prague Christmas market.

Episode #61: Veselé Vánoce: A Czech Christmas

Radio Praha

Hosts: Ian Willoughby

Release: Daily

Radio Praha began in 1936 and discusses a range of topics from business, travel, sports, and current news. Surviving many changes throughout the decades, today Radio Praha not only broadcasts on FM radio in Prague but also features a daily news block in English, German, and Russian. It also broadcasts around the world, such as in Austria, Argentina, Mexico, the United States, and Russia to name a few.

Check out this episode abut Vaclav Havel’s time in New York, at the height of the hippy movement, in 1968 for the premier of his play, The Memorandum. While in New York, he met and became good friends with theater legend Joseph Papp and his wife Gail Papp. Gail shares her memories of her friendship with the former Czech president throughout the episode.

Snap Judgement

Hosts: Glynn Washington

Release: Weekly

Based in New York City, Snap Judgement is both a radio show and storytelling podcast. The show started back in 2011.

In this episode, Joe Rosenberg talks to journalist Michael Idov about the making of the movie Dau, a Soviet-period piece filmed in the outskirts of Ukraine. The film first made headlines because of the director's odd filming methods and unique set location. The director created an environment where the edge of reality and the movie were unclear with rumors swirling that actors were never allowed to go home.

My Perfect Country

Hosts: Henrietta Moore, Fi Glover, and Martha Lane Fox

Release: Weekly

My Perfect Country is a series presented by the show The Compass on the BBC network. The podcast discusses policies that have been put into affect by countries working toward the goal of a "perfect country."

Check out the episode Estonia - Digital Society, in which the hosts take a closer look at Estonia's hyper networked society. According to the podcast, Estonia has the fastest broadband speeds in the world, was the first country to allow online voting, and has more startups per capita than Silicon Valley.


Hosts: Students of NYU Prague

Release: Semester-ly

Since the fall of 2014, students studying at NYU Prague have been given the opportunity to produce and broadcast their own podcast.

Each semester has a range of topics under a specific theme. ​In this semester's episode, Midnight, students discuss Prague after-hours exploring the transit system, nightclubs, street performers, and even witchcraft. Take a listen to the 20 minute podcast! You won't be disappointed.

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