Poem: Memory Lane

I wrote this poem with a specific theme in mind, but I think it says something different to everyone who reads it. I’ve heard different people connect it with varying, very current issues that should be discussed, and because of this I’m intentionally not going to state what it means to me personally and what it was that triggered this poem. As long as it evokes some emotion and some feeling in those who read it, I’m happy to leave the context blank, to be interpreted differently by all who read it.

Memory Lane

A kick to the gut, I drop.

Your quiet laugh awaits

My hair on end, the silence stops,

Obsession, slips away.

Or not, he calls - my silent ghost,

That lingers by the door -

I’m almost gone, my head flies up,

And further down I fall.

You’re strong I say,

The strongest yet

But please, just let me go.

His laugh is like a spider’s legs,

While up my spine they crawl.

Grab me, as I try and speak,

Round the neck, no more.

Goosebumps, as I try to leave.

Obsession, it trumps all.

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