A Weekend in Brussels

I see the flag.

Belgium is famous for the Manneken Pis, a sculpture of a little boy urinating in the center of Brussels. People all over the world come to take photos with it. But I wanted to see something different.

Someday in the future when someone asks, “What did you see in Brussels?” I would respond, "I got to see the flag of Belgium," instead of saying, “let me show you the Manneken Pis."

A home of the homeless, the Christian religion and graffiti of the nation.

One of the craziest settings ever jumped into my eyes as I came out from my hotel while heading to the Grand Place. I wasn’t expecting a church to be surrounded with random trash and profane graffiti. If you look closer, you can also see mattresses, covered with blankets and food in compact containers, peeking out from two abandoned beds on the steps in front of the church. I realized that, to these dispossessed civilians, the church is where they belong.


While continuing on my way to the Grand Place, I stopped to take this symmetric photo. Traveling to me is never just a checklist of all the well-known landmarks, but a chance to find beauty in unnoticeable details from different angles.

It's another way of seeing.

Marching, marching, I was finally here at the Grand Place. For months, I had been trying to avoid photographing typical sightseeing landmarks and look for more local scenes. So this time, instead of photographing others directly in front of a landmark, I chose to incorporate a nearby narrow street. By shooting a photo of them further away from me, it seemed as if I were looking at them from the end of a valley.

A procession for climate change.

Walking further down the Manneken-Pis, I stumbled upon a local procession and what would come to be the highlight of my trip. This procession, which was made up of Belgians of all ages and professions, assembled together in Belgium to fight for a better environment. But I believe that the scope of fighting for climate change should be larger. For it is not only their mission to save our environment, but the unified mission of all humans at all times.

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