Student Snapshot: Joonyoung Lee, Video Creator

As we sit in a book binding workshop together, Joonyoung Lee (JY for short) focuses on perching her digital camera on a glass to her left. She adjusts its position until it has a perfect view of the task she is about to begin: the sanding down of the spine of the book to prepare its papers for glue.

“Is this for your next video?” I ask, fascinated with the detail-oriented process of picking the perfect angle to film from.

“Yeah, I’m thinking of doing a time-lapse of the process,” she replies, beaming happily as she turns on her camera and begins to film.

JY, a Finance major and Business of Media, Entertainment and Technology minor, always wanted to start a YouTube channel. A competitive swimmer in high school and at NYU, she never had the time to explore the possibility of becoming a content creator—until she came to Prague. Now, she documents her travels and life at NYU Prague on YouTube.

Her first video of Prague, uploaded the first week she arrived, details her travel from the United States and her first hours in the city. While it doesn’t give a detailed view of the city like her later videos do, it shows the highlights of what JY thought was most striking about her beginnings in the city: the food, the metro and a few buildings. The video also shows the inception of her passion for creating videos in Prague.

“It started as a way to remember everything, but then I realized I really enjoyed it,” JY told me, excited and proud to share her work. “So I just upload whatever I think is interesting. I wanted to do something productive in my free time that other people could enjoy as well.”

JY’s focus has never been how many views she has on a particular video or on how many subscribers she has. She focuses instead on enjoying the process and on creating a digital scrapbook of her time abroad. JY also mentioned that the vlogs are an easy way for her mom to know what she’s up to.

In another video, JY provides a guide of free places around Prague that anyone can enjoy. From Wenceslas Square, to the John Lennon Wall and Prague’s narrowest street, JY weaves through Prague without spending a dime.

Viewers can certainly see firsthand the results of a newfound passion in these videos. JY said that through making her videos she has been able to express herself creatively. In the process, she has even decided that she wants to go into a more creative field in the future. She has learned to use Adobe Creative Tools and improves her editing skills with each video. But at the heart of all JY does is fun.

“Not many people watch them,” JY admits when asked about her page views. “But that’s OK because I have such a good time making them.”

You can subscribe to JY’s channel below:

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