4 Cafes for NYU Prague Students to Spend Time Alone

(oat-milk latte with pastry of the day)

For most NYU Prague students, being away from the Washington Square Campus means being away from the Blue Bottle at Aster Place: a cafe where you can comfortably relax on your own. In Prague, it’s difficult to find places to spend quality time alone due to the lack of on-campus study spaces. If you’re looking for places to study or to grab a solo drink, here’s a list of cafes that can satisfy your needs!


The SLOW Cafe offers a variety of drinks including an amazing oat milk latte; for those that are lactose free, they can also substitute drinks made with whole milk, such as latte macchiatos and cappuccinos, with oat milk or lactose free milk. For non-coffee lovers, you have the choice of choosing between soft drinks, lemonade, cocktails and beer. In addition to their large array of drink options, the SLOW Cafe offers a vegetarian brunch menu that includes scrambled eggs, pancakes, and a vegan breakfast bowl. The large windows that emit daylight on a nice sunny day help provide a positive atmosphere for those that choose to go to the SLOW Cafe alone. The natural light can help brighten your mood after a long, stressful day of classes. SLOW Cafe is always a good choice for Machova residents to have brunch or grab a coffee before taking the tram to campus.


With huge windows and great views, Cafedu offers lots of seats for customers who come by themselves. They offer a great variety of coffee and alcohol, as well as pastries and fruit bowls. Enjoy the sunshine and the iced chai latte on a cozy afternoon. After finishing studying or working, you can use your ISIC card to visit the National Museum or go shopping at near by stores like Zara, Mango and Pandora to treat yourself. This is always a good option if you're spending your weekend by yourself in Prague.

(iced chai latte)


Pauseteria is roughly a three minute walk from both Richtruv Dum and the Blue Building. It’s an ideal hang out spot if you want to grab a bite to eat before heading to class, or a place to destress after class. For those with dairy restrictions, the coffee options at this cafe allow you to use oat or lactose-free milk. They also offer specialty coffee including Cortado, Long Black, Batch Brew and many others. If you're not a fan of coffee, lemonade, tea, and alcoholic drinks are provided as well. The vegan-friendly brunch menu provides great food options including porridge, protein bowls, eggs benedict and their soup of the day. With the addition of their free and stable wifi, Pauseteria provides a great the atmosphere to study or work alone.

(hot chocolate)

Kavárna Kočičí Praha

Calling all cat lovers! Kavárna Kočičí is the first cat cafe in Prague where you can sip coffee in the presence of furry felines. With a new location built in Praha 1, NYU Prague students only have to make a 5-minute walk from campus to spend their time here. There are about nine social and good-tempered cats that enjoy sitting around the customers. The coffee here has a great variety of options with specialties like Lavender Latte and Oreo Latte; the prices range from 50-85 CZK. Lemonade, tea, tonic, and alcohol are also offered here, as well as a vegan-friendly brunch menu and pastries of the day. If you are down or stressed out, stop by this cafe and pet those lovely cats; the friendly staff, furry cats, and good coffee can definitely help brighten up your day!

(photo by instagram@kavarnakocici)

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